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Barbican Armoury Online Gun Shop

This website is intended for a UK based audience aged 18 years or over and may not be suitable for younger persons.

General Information

Because many of our products legally require 'face to face' completion of transactions, we have decided not to implement an online payment facility. The Barbican Armoury website therefore never requires our customers to provide credit/debit card, or other payment details online.

SSL Encryption

The Barbican Armoury website does not accept online payment or require customers to provide sensitive information online. We have therefore decided not to implement SSL encrytion at this time. This means that data transmitted over the internet to and from our site is not encrypted. We can however process card payments in person or by telephone.


Barbican Armoury website uses shared hosting provided by a UK based supplier of hosting services. 'Online' storage and security is managed by the hosting provider and as such is beyond the direct control of Barbican Armoury.